Get more than a foot in the door – why relationships matter

On an average workday, an American senior businessperson receives 120 emails. Many of those are cold outreach mails from SDRs, and very few – if any – are being read as intended. Mass emailing campaigns can surely be an effective tool for a sales team, but for enterprise sales, it is an extremely inefficient tactic.Enterprise sales is oftentimes complex and slow. There are multiple stakeholders with sometimes different criteria. Budget may be important for one decision maker, and compliance is key for another. For other stakeholders, very specific product features can be deal breakers.

So, even if one cold email would break through to one decision-maker with a compelling message, it will likely not be enough to sway an entire organization.

The larger and more complex a deal is, the more important it is to learn how to navigate the organization and tailor messaging. Great salespeople spend a lot of time mapping accounts and stakeholders upfront, and need to build several relationships within the buying organization. Not until these relationships are built, they will fully uncover each person’s pain points and requirements.In today’s highly competitive business landscape, achieving high-converting sales can be a daunting task. In average, a large deal takes 6-12 months to close from when you first get the first foot in the door until contract is signed. This time doesn’t even include all the time teams spend getting that first meeting. And more often than not, teams spend this time only to learn at the very end that the budget is not available or that the timing is wrong. Many companies invest heavily in traditional marketing and sales strategies, such as account-based marketing (ABM) and digital advertising, not knowing if it will work or not.With an advisor on your side, with unique insights into the buying organization, all of these activities can be covered on a few calls.

  • The advisor can immediately tell the sales team if a deal is “dead on arrival”, if the budget is not there, or if the buyers are happy with an incumbent vendor
  • If there’s a potential fit, the advisor can quickly map out the buying organization with all stakeholders and what is important to them
  • Advisors with strong relationships can make multiple connections with different stakeholders and different messages
  • Finally, the advisor can provide tailored and specific personal endorsements, vouching for the sales team and their products

Level Company understands the vital role relationships play in the sales process. By connecting clients with vetted advisors who have strong relationships with decision-makers at large organizations, Level helps businesses pitch their value proposition to the right people at the right time. This relationship-driven approach not only saves businesses time and effort but also provides access to decision-makers they may not have been able to reach otherwise.This results in:

1.   Higher Conversion Rates: By connecting with key decision-makers through trusted advisors, businesses can significantly increase their conversion rates. This is because they’re able to deliver a personalized sales pitch that resonates with the decision-makers’ unique pain points and needs.

2.   Faster Sales Cycles: Level Company’s approach helps businesses streamline their sales process. By identifying the highest priority prospects and connecting with them through trusted advisors, businesses can cut through the noise and eliminate time-consuming steps in the sales funnel, cutting average sales cycles by 70%

3.   Increased Revenue: Higher conversion rates and faster sales cycles ultimately result in increased revenue for businesses. This can help them scale their operations, invest in new products or services, and expand into new markets.