Case Studies

Understanding the industries and clients better, and see for yourself why hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of companies choose Level
Insight to Opportunities
Learn how Level helped a customer data platform expand its presence in the e-commerce space by connecting them with an experienced advisor and navigating them to a multi-million dollar contract in just 6 months. Discover the insights and strategies used to gain entry into the competitive CP market in this blog post.
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Top-down Influence
Discover how Level helped a research firm break into the global market and become a vendor to Hewlett-Packard (HP) by connecting them with an
experienced advisor and securing top-down endorsement. Learn how the firm
leveraged this opportunity to scope out and win their first contract with HP.
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Geico Case Study
See how Level helps a marketing agency, was already involved in a large RFP with Geico when they requested help to navigate the process and hone in on the actual needs of their customer.
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