Top-down influence

Our client, a research firm providing consulting services in market assessments, customer analyses, industry benchmarking and due diligences, wanted break into and become a large-scale, global vendor to Hewlett-Packard (HP)


Level connected them with our advisor, a recently retired HP GM with vast insight into the HP organization. After having assessed our client’s capabilities, he identified four different businesses/functions in HP currently using similar, but less cost-efficient solutions.


After meeting our client and qualifying their interest in connecting with these four businesses within HP, our advisor connected our client with the heads of the four teams – his former peers, with a strong personal endorsement.


Once our advisor helped them establish a presence, he then connected our client with the global CEO of HP to get the buy-in from the top. Having four doors wide opened and a top-down endorsement, our client was well positioned to scope out and win their first (out of many…) contracts with HP.