Case Studies

Geico Case Study

Our client, a marketing agency, was already involved in a large RFP with Geico when they requested help to navigate the process and hone in on the actual needs of their customer.


Level connected them to very recently departed VP of Marketing at the company running the RFP. The advisor had previously managed the relationship with the incumbent marketing agency, and without conflicting his previous employer departure, he was able to share in great detail what the insurance company was looking for so that our client could refine the offering.


Before engaging with Level and our advisor, discussions related to the RFP had stalled. In addition to the insights, Level’s advisor had a very strong standing within the Geico organization, having managed 8 different marketing teams and being responsible for onboarding his successor.

Being convinced that our client would be an excellent partner to Geico, he used his influence in the organization to make sure our client got the right attention from the right stakeholders which completely changed the tone and revived the negotiations.