How It Works

By connecting the bridge between advisor and client, we are here to help both sides to get the best influence

A powerful platform to introduce great companies to their dream clients

Identify Targets
We work with the Client to identify their highest priority prospects
Level provides clients with relevant insights gained from our vetting
Clients pitch advisors on value proposition and discuss potential introductions
Once advisor proposes introduction path(s), client approves meeting and sets up time to meet with prospect
Advisor continues to help guide you through the process of pitching
Win Business!
Vetting Call
We meet with the Advisor to qualify your influence and insight into the end customer
Client Pitch
The Client meets with the Advisor to pitch their product or service
Provide Feedback
The Advisor provides  feedback to the Client about their Pitch. If they see a good fit, they reach out to their network to gauge interest.
Warm Introduction
The Client approves this meeting and sets up time to meet with prospect
A Deal is Made
The Advisor receives a portion of revenue from any resulting contracts

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