Case Studies

Insight to Opportunities

Our client, a customer data platform, was working with Level to gain insight into the customer data platform (CDP) market and expand their presence in the e-commerce space.


Level connected them to an advisor, a VP of Marketing with experience at two major ecommerce brands, to share key insight from her experience using and implementing CDPs and scope opportunities for entry.


After getting a demo of our client’s product and pinpointing differentiators amongst their competition, she identified a company that was in the process of evaluating CDP providers.

Since the company fit our client’s ideal customer profile and our client’s product addressed the needs of the company identified, she immediately set up introductions to key decision makers.


Our advisor’s trusted endorsement and navigation into the buying process not only led our client directly to an active RFP, but also positioned them to win a multi-million dollar contract with one of their dream customers in just 6 months.